Terms & Conditions

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Client – your dog
Owner – The person or persons who legally own the dog
Handler – person training the dog
PST – Positive School of training
 At Positive School of training safety is our priority, within a class setting, within your home and when we are out and about in a public area. It is critical that all information given with regards to your dog is up to date and as honest and truthful to the best of your understanding and knowledge, any information intentionally withheld can/may result in any service offered/agreed from PST to be suspended or cancelled.
I respectfully ask that fee’s, for each 6 week group class session, is paid at the time of booking, 2 weeks prior to the class starting to guarantee your place. Cancellations within 48 hours of class starting will not be refunded.

No dog will be allowed to attend class without PST seeing an up to date vaccination card

Missed weeks will not be refunded or rescheduled unless prior agreement has been made

In the event that PST has to cancel a class Owners will be offered a refund for the class missed or another class rescheduled

I welcome family members including children, the handler working with your dog in class must have the ability to follow the training in the class and have the ability to keep your dog under control at all times.

Children are asked not to run around or do anything with in the class setting that would upset, distress or distract any/all dogs within the class. Children must not approach a dog in class that is not theirs

PST uses force free reward based methods and will not accept any behavior from owners or handlers that is deemed aversive or intimidating to any dog with in the class setting.

Once payment has been made you will be invited to join a private whatsapp group were you will be given all details about directions about the venue used. You will be given instructions of what is required on entry and exit to the venue. You will also be given an equipment list for the 6 week
course. It is owner responsibility  to ensure the list has been brought. Due to Covid regulations PST cannot lend out equipment.

PST will not accept any aversive pieces of equipment to be used in class, this includes choke chain,  prong or pinch collar, electric shock collar, retractable or metal leads

PST will not allow your dog to be pushed into position, physical punishment or pulled around by the lead

Please do not bring you dog to class if your female dog is in season, is injured , has kennel cough, or is sick or in ill health. In any of the events listed you must get permission from your vet for your dog to restart class. You must contact PST as early as possible to pass on any information with regards to health issues that could effect the dogs within the class setting.

Please note that if there is Kennel cough with in the class, the class will be cancelled and rescheduled when it is safe to do so
In the event cancelling/rescheduling has to take place due to Kennel cough the following next lot of class will also have to be rescheduled. PST will contact all involved as soon as possible and will offer a refund to anyone who is affected by the cancelation/rescheduling and cannot not attend the following block of classes due to this

With your female dog in season you can attend the class without your dog and will be given videos with work you can do at home , within your private whatsapp group, where possible you may be able to attend the next lot of classes for the ones you missed, this cannot be guaranteed if the next lot of class is at full capacity
Covid regulations are still in place it is imperative that you continue to follow social distancing at all times entering and leaving the class.

It is vital that you contact PST as soon as possible should you start displaying any signs of covid
!21’s and Puppy Packages
Fees for the Puppy package must be paid before package can begin.

Fee’s for the 121 must be paid for after the first initial meeting , when a package has been agreed by the owner and PST

All of the above terms and conditions apply to both the 121 package and puppy package, with the exception of your female dog being in season, your individual package can still be offered to the client with in the safety of their own home. PST will not offer outdoor training  for a female dog in season other than with in their home or garden

These terms and conditions of payment, unacceptable equipment and behavior also apply to PST’s on line course